Timely, accurate and cost effective glass manufacturing solutions.

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01 What do we offer

New precision glass & optics technologies are transforming the way the medical industry works.
Developing specialty glass for a variety of applications and industries is our strength. From the unique requirements of the MOD.
Our passion for structural glass engineering, we will utilize our expertise to bring your structural glass vision to life.
Impact resistant glass made of glass-polymer composites engineered to withstand very high levels of physical attack. Our security glass constructions can be single side glass clad, dual side clad, double glazed and multiply.
More than 120 optical glass types are on the market today. Our range includes: Classical glass types with lead oxide, Arsenic-free N-glasses and glass suitable for precision molding known as Low transmission glasses or High transmission glasses.
Dash and console glass. Lightweight, tough and optically advantaged. Manufactured glass with enhanced ergonomics and our fresh design appeal.
The smart interactive coffee table introduces the most fashionable and high-end interactive products into the consumer electronics industry, bringing contemporary style, smart home and interactive entertainment into one new form.
Third Generation Smart Glass
Smart Glass
Widely used in exhibitions, convention centres, airports, subways, banks, shopping malls, commercial offices, advertising media, building exterior glass, entertainment, medical and industrial products.Its combination of transparent technology and visual aesthetics is the revolution of display technology.
Retail Glass
Taking retail to new heights. Compared to conventional displays, transparent imaging glass has scalability - suitable for any product. Somatosensory and other functions. We can now achieve finger motion sensing. Using advanced transparent imaging technology and ultra-high technology to create a magical display platform. Creating a dynamic beauty allowing users to enter a wonderful world of fusion, reality and fantasy.


02 About Us

Many Years of Experience
We have worked in our field for many years. We deliver, every time.
Skilled Professionals
We offer a timely, high quality and cost effective glass manufacturing solution from design to production.
We Work with you
We work alongside you. Think of us as an extension of your own offices

Global Partners

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03 Down to Business

Frequent Questions

How many requests can you cope with at once?

We haven't been beaten yet. Please contact us with your requirements and we are confident that your requests will be fulfilled


How long will my order take?

Our turn around time varies depending on your requirements. However, with the strength of our strategic team our turn around from initial contact to order completion is always rocket fast.


Are your prices competitive?

Our pricing is very competitive. As you can imagine prices depend on many factors. Please contact us with your enquiries for a no obligation quotation.


Who are your clients?

Our clients come in many shapes and sizes. We support clients in the following sectors. Medical, Defence, Engineering, Security, Optical, Automotive, Electronic, Design, Signal Glass, Sports. We support clients in other sectors also.



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